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Let’s change the way we live

Sometimes there are times when the problem is at every turn, fists squeeze with frustration, powerless tears that flow from your eyes. Everyone has such moments that in the soul the rain falls, the only thing that you would like to do is to cry now and give a new meaning. Personally, I experienced such moments in my life – moments of helplessness, sadness, anger, pain and despair. Thanks to therapy and a better insight of myself, my life has changed, I have changed. The unique relationship with the therapist has allowed me to get to know what is trust, goodness, understanding, unconditional regard. Do not be afraid – give a new meaning to your life, give a new meaning to yourself.

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by demons from the past, the reality of the present or by the fear of the unknown future. Do you want to start experiencing every moment of your life with full potential? Don’t let fear stop you – you deserve a change.

About me

I am a highly motivated and enthusiastic person with a deep passion for psychotherapy. I am an accredited member of British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (MBACP – Accred) and a member of The British Psychological Society (MBPsS). I naturally enjoy talking to people, listening to them and creating a unique, relaxed style with a calming atmosphere. My approach to psychotherapy is integrative with a humanistic ethos, which means that I am happy to apply a range of different approaches and techniques to suit your issues and preferred way of working. Through my years of practice I have developed the ability to create deep and meaningful connections with clients and I am able to offer a safe, friendly, confidential, warm, caring and non-judgemental space for personal growth. My practice is based in Ramsgate and it is easily accessible from within the areas of Thanet and South East Kent. I am also offering online therapy.

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What do I offer?

Individual Therapy

A Happier, Healthier You

The decision to start therapy can be very difficult. It is very important to find a therapist with whom you will feel comfortable, connected and safe. That is why before commencing the therapeutic process I am offering a 30 minutes free of charge meeting. This meeting can give us the opportunity to get to know each other and to decide if we can work together effectively. This free of charge meeting will also help us to establish your goals in therapy and recognise problematic areas on which we can work.

Couples Therapy

Quality Care

Even in the best relationships, sometimes there are moments when we feel lonely, misunderstood or, perhaps, rejected. Couple therapy can give the opportunity to help you and your partner to strengthen the relationship, improve healthy and effective communication, deepen your intimacy and understanding of each other’s needs in the relationship

Family Therapy

Here For You

As with couples, family ties can sometimes be difficult for us. Perhaps the family is struggling with a serious problem, one of the family members suffers from a serious illness or is struggling with addiction. Many of us do not realise that many mental health problems affect the whole family in a systemic sense. Therapy gives you the opportunity to as a family overcome problems in a respectful, healthy, effective and safe way

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Relationship with yourself

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