Jula Aniol

Psychologist, Psychotherapist & Counsellor


From Co-Dependent to Independent:
A Psychotherapist’s Diary

This book is an attempt to tell a story that may help to change some stereotypes about professionals working in the psychotherapy field. It shows that they also sometimes err and make unhealthy decisions in life. That they are not free from life’s difficulties and problems, but carry their own backpacks of experiences, which can prove to be helpful in their work with others. This is also a story about a woman who suffered over the years with her own identity loss and wanted to find a meaning in her traumatic experiences. This book is for everyone who struggles with self-worth, has experienced trauma or was in abusive, toxic, co-dependent relationships. For everyone who has experienced loss, either loss of someone significant to them or loss of hope in others, in life or in themselves. But more than anything, it is a book that speaks about restoration of hope and the courage to find yourself again.

A Psychotherapist’s Diary - Jula Aniol