Jula Aniol

Psychologist, Psychotherapist & Counsellor


“I am very pleased about received therapy. Jula is a very professional person and meetings with her helped me to understand my problems”

“I found Jula very easy to talk to and she put me at ease. It was all very good and helpful”

“It was very helpful to be able to talk to someone who understood and I do thank Jula for helping me think and address my problems”

“I found the counselling very helpful and feel more positive to when I first started two months ago. Jula was very easy to talk too. Thank you”

“I am so impressed with the progress I have made. I feel I have been given tools and techniques which seem simple but have significantly improved my quality of life. I am so pleased I decided to try this option and could not be happier with the service I received. I finally feel happy with my current place in life”

“The sessions were great and I felt huge improvement very quickly. I feel confident that I have been given skills that will help me cope and manage life”

“I felt listened and was given suitable help on ways to improve my mood”

“I feel that my experience has been enlightening and open my eyes into how I can control my thoughts”

“I feel my experience helped me greatly. It made me fully understand my problem; we found ways of coping within it but also ways of looking at things from a different angle. So I would fully recommend”

“I have had support with enabling myself to be me and make these for myself without guilt as well as suggested ways and written tools to use to help see where I am lacking in self-care and to help me to keep me on the right track to stop worrying about so many things as a particularly stressful time. It has enabled me to be more positive about certain situations and letting some worries go when it concerns others. I have also been also smiling more”

“Very good. I am feeling much better now, thank you”

“Very good, very thoughtful, very pleasant experience, sincerely meant”

“Excellent experience. Much better then I believed it would be. It has been very helpful to me. I will continue to do what I have been taught”

“Really has been a worthwhile experience to chat through my issues, learn new techniques + strategies to try and help me deal with how I’m feeling and grief. A positive experience which will help me in the future”

“Excellent. Jula was so helpful with all my issues. It isn’t easy but would have no problem recommending her”

“My experience has been brilliant and I will be eternally grateful for receiving support. Jula listened to my problems and provided me with helpful and appropriate ways to support myself. My experience has been life changing and something I will not forget. Thank you”

“Jula is a good psychotherapist and has helped me with dealing with my anxiety”

“Very helpful sessions. Would like to return in the future shall the need arise. Talking with someone who is not a friend or family member but a trained professional was very interesting and insightful”

“I have had a great experience and definitely have come away feeling in a better head space and more positive”

“good experience, thank you”

“My experience was very rewarding. When I came I really didn’t think this would benefit me but as the sessions went on I realized how much I benefited from this experience. The things which we discussed and techniques which I’ve learned really helped me so much and my husband noticed a positive change in me as well. Thank you”

“The service was excellent. My therapist was first class. I have nothing but praise. Thank you Jula”

“Really helpful experience which gave me so much information on anxiety and how it works and how to live with it and learn how it can affect you physically + mentally”

“Very positive experience. Jula offered plenty of ideas and options – feel very much better with the support”

“This experience really helped me. I’ve opened up to Jula which I never done before and that was very powerful experience for me – to talk about my problems. It’s been worth coming and learning new ways of living has been helpful. I did enjoy it, thank you”

“Jula has been fantastic and really helped me. Great service, thank you”

“Jula was very understanding and offered practical tools to help me work through problems; it really helped me to talk trough problems too. Brilliant psychotherapist.”

The therapist (Jula) I saw was worth the wait. I found her so good, really understanding, so gentle and kind. I really feel like she has helped me to understand myself better and given me the help I needed to work through my problems in a different and better way. I am very grateful – thank you

This has been such an inspirational and fruitful collaboration and my first experience in my 30 years history of anxiety whereby I felt understood. Not only that my therapist, Jula, made me realize that my recovery or rather management of my condition was a tangible reality and that with this knowledge and the relevant tools learnt, I could take control of my situation. I am deeply grateful to have benefited from her vast skills in addressing my particular health issue and very appreciative of her empathetic nature in delivering a much needed service

I was not sure if I will be able to get the help I needed but Jula was brilliant at helping me address the problems I was dealing with. After my initial call, I am very happy that right person was assigned to me

I feel the sessions have been very helpful and positive. I almost looked forward to them and will undoubtedly miss them. Jula was really understanding and compassionate. I am ready to try and put my new confidence to practice now. I would recommend the service and this therapist to anyone struggling emotionally

I found the counselling sessions helped me enormously – I found and learned coping strategies for my difficulties. I especially liked the way things were explained to me so I understood the mechanics behind the treatments, which helped me to implement them better

This has been a most successful six sessions I never expected to have. I overcame something that has been troubling me for five years. Jula is a great psychotherapist and anyone who has her in the future will be very lucky. Thank you for the time you have given me”

Jula, I can’t praise highly enough! She is a skilled, intelligent, emphatic and generous therapist who created a genuinely friendly but challenging environment. I learned a lot from her and can easily and emphatically recommend her to anyone who wants to discover how human being can genuinely help each other. Thank you Jula!

Excellent service – I am very pleased with received support. Jula helped me by teaching me certain techniques to deal with my anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD symptoms. She made me feel welcomed, comfortable, safe, helped me to feel better about myself again. She has done a marvellous job. Thank you