Pscyhological masks – which one are you wearing?

We all wear ‘masks’ in everyday life. Some of the reasons for wearing a mask can be: to cope, to fit in, to protect ourselves, to be acceptable in our family/social circle, to feel safe, to be loved, to avoid being hit or scolded or shamed. We have also different types of masks e.g. angry mask, people-pleaser mask, avoidance mask, happy mask, functional mask.

Each of our masks has 3 layers: false positive (we are “looking good” – most external); false negative (we “gotta hide” – middle); true self (this is “pure me” – core). Content-less is the key here. I have a mask but I am not my mask. I have a story and I am more than my story. I have thoughts, feelings, history, desire, conflicts, beliefs, habits (good and bad) and that is not the whole of me.

As we take off our first layer of masks (false positive) we begin to create the possibility of intimacy. We begin to show ourselves, beyond the good-looking masks and into the darker masks: rage, control, prejudice, greed, fear, doubt, longing (false negative). True Self – here is where we are authentic, unique, and soulful. Here we are not limited by story nor defined by life’s experiences, circumstances or other people! In this place where we are what we are looking for, lies a peacefulness and acceptance of our Selves, for who we are deeply.

Taking off the mask can be a very scary process but only then you will be able to re-claim your authentic, beautiful, unique self and give yourself a change to connect with other on a deeper level.