Spiritual journey

December is usually a magical time for me – work seems more relaxed, Christmas are coming, it is a period of reflection. I remember that many years ago I belonged to people who could not put boundaries in relations with others. Unfortunately, it caused me a lot of pain, suffering, sense of hopelessness. I often wondered why the people I loved treated me so badly? It took me many years of hard work to learn how to set healthy boundaries and how I want to be treated by others – psychotherapy, self-development, learning about my own identity, changing the environment and people who were an important part of my life helped me. These were difficult changes – I was often scared and doubted myself. But how has my life changed! Now I know that in order to build healthy, based on equality relationship with others I had to rebuild the relationship with myself first: learn respect, love, goodness, discover my needs and limitations, and not be afraid to express myself in a way that is understandable to others. It is normal to be afraid – fear is an irresistible element of change. The most important thing is not to let this fear stop you in your spiritual development. If I could make such changes – I am sure that you can make them too.