New Years Resolutions – be S.M.A.R.T. about them!

In many miracles, we have a significant, active role to play, without making the miracle come true. The new year is passed by most people with a thrill of excitement, resurrected hope. Its main source is a symbolic indication that something is ending, but something new is starting. This transition announces a change that in a subjective sense goes far beyond the modification in the digital record of the year. We express desired and expected changes in our New Year wishes and dreams. Here is the general scenario for people who want to actively help fate so that the new year brought the desired changes:

1. Name precisely and specifically the goal you want to achieve.
2. What does this mean to you? How do you know that you have it? What will this indicator be?
3. How do you know that what you have achieved is what you want to have?
4. Is the goal you want to achieve in terms of your influence?
5. What will be the first step you will take?
6. What will the program of your activities be: monthly, weekly, daily?
7. What obstacles can appear in your way and what then can you do to further your goal?

I wish everyone’s goals to be fulfilled

🙂 Happy New Year!