Karma and the laws that are worth implementing in life

For many of us, karma is still somewhat abstract. We like to say karma is coming back, rightly understanding that good or evil sent to the world will always come back to us, sooner or later in some form. Suppose you are always ready to help others. Even in trivial, simple situations: holding the door, borrowing a small parking meter. What is the probability that the person we helped reciprocate, or “continue” our good deed? What is the probability that our action has become a positive source of energy? In order to find out about it, it is worth to incorporate other Karma laws into your life. Are you curious about them?

1. The great law: “What you sow, you will collect” (also called the law of cause and effect).
Our thoughts and actions have consequences – good or bad. If we want peace, love, harmony, and well-being, we must be ready to take appropriate action. And of course – let others do what we would like us to do. Karma is coming back.

2. The law of creation: “What we want, we achieve only through our own actions.”
There are no accidental events, what happens in our lives results from our participation and cooperation. We are connected with the universe, so what happens outside has a beginning inside us – in our emotions and thoughts.

3. The law of humility: “Not accepting what you are a witness, will not make it disappear”
Acceptance is the basis. In short, to change a situation, we must first acknowledge it and accept it. By focusing on its negative aspects, you will not come close to solving it.

4. Law of growth: “We should put our development above all circumstances.”
The only thing we have control over is ourselves. Subsequent actions (or their omission) will bring about positive or negative circumstances in our lives. You want to grow, seek change within yourself, in your heart, and do not try to change everyone around you. When you change inside, the outside reality also changes.

5. Responsibility law: “Our life is only our work, nothing more.”
When something is wrong, outside around you, it’s usually because something is wrong inside of you. If we are to change our lives, we must change our well-being, master our emotions, change our way of thinking.

6. Law of the union and interdependence: “Everything in the universe is connected, both what is small and what is big.”
Our past, present and future are connected, they result from each other. What’s happening to you has its meaning. One stage of life is related to the next. Life is a process.

7. The law of focus: “Do not direct your attention beyond what is your task at the moment.”
You can not have negative thoughts or act in a negative way and expect to grow spiritually. We must focus all our attention on achieving the assumed goal.

8. The right to hospitality and giving an example: “Acting selflessly, we show real intentions.”
Put simply: what we say that we believe must manifest itself in our activities. Selflessness is a virtue only when we are something other than ourselves.

9. The law of change: “History will be repeated until you change it.”
A conscious commitment to change is the only way to influence the future.

10. The law of the present moment: “The present is everything we have.”
Looking back with regret and looking hopefully into the future, we needlessly deprive ourselves of new perspectives. Old thoughts and patterns of behavior deprive us of the chance to change.

11. The law of patience and reward: “You will not create anything of value without patient, consistent work.”
All awards are the fruit of continuous, systematic work.

12. Meaning and Inspiration law: “The best reward is the one that contributes to the whole.”
The final effect is nothing compared to what you have done inside yourself to achieve it.

It is worth taking to heart the words of Mahatma Gandhi: “Man is only a product of his thoughts, we are created in the likeness of our thoughts.”